Just about any artist with Rock & Roll musical integrity that was on stage in the last couple of days did their best to literally sing the praises of the late Chuck berry who died on Saturday at age 90. 

Sting was at what looks like a wine tasting (maybe for his and his wife's wine) in Europe performing acoustically when he took time out to play tribute to Chuck and work through "Johnny B. Goode" above.

KISS's Gene Simmons was doing a rare solo appearance in Cleveland Saturday when the news broke, and without any rehearsal he and his band launched into their version of "Johnny..." They didn't know the words very well but their hearts were in the right place.

Bon Jovi paid THEIR tribute to the late Chuck Berry at Nationwide Arena in Columbus, Saturday night with a rousing rendition of the tune and Jon Bon Jovi reminiscing about doing the it in the first talent contest he ever entered.