...think he can build the equivalent of a 1,000-story building underground? Well, ants are amazing, that's what. 

Like an iceberg, anthills on the surface are but a tiny minutia of what lies beneath. Scientists in England wanted to see exactly what a mature ant colony looked like but debated how to do it.

If you simply dug into the ground, you would destroy the fragile structures which are just made of dirt. So, they decided the best method was to fill the colony with TEN TONS OF CEMENT! The process took 3 days to complete and then over a month to harden. The result was a perfectly preserved casting of what the ants had built underground that the researchers could then excavate and have a 3D concept of what was there. What they find is truly amazing! 

According to details from IncredibleAnt, "The ant colony covered over 500 square feet, and went down to a depth of 26 feet. That's pretty deep for a creature that is only 5 millimeters long. That's 7,924 times it's body length!" 

To put this in human terms, the average person is about 560 times larger than the average ant. So, if you do the math (or keep reading, I pulled up the trusty calculator) it would be a structure occupying an area of 280,000 square feet and would be nearly 10,000 feet tall. While many man-made structures cover millions of square feet, the tallest building currently only stands 2,717 feet; the common ant managed to build its equivalent of the Rocky Mountains... literally a mountain out of an anthill.  Here's the video: