In what sounds like a terrible plot from a cheesy romantic comedy in the late 90s, two would be criminals took a woman on a date with the sole intent of stealing her purse. Sadly, there will be no fairy tale ending for anyone involved.


An unnamed woman arranged a date with a friend, planning on a trip to a beach side bar. When the two became slightly intimate at the bar, the man's partner in crime sprung into action, stealing the woman's purse. Her date proceeded to run after the man in a fake attempt to catch the criminal, but him nor the purse returned to the woman. 


Confused and "purseless", the woman contacted local authorities who quickly tracked the men to a nearby Red-Roof Inn. The purse was found but contents from the purse was already missing; including her phone and roughly $500 in cash. 


The two men are now in custody, and the woman is probably a little more choice with the men she dates. 


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