Alameda County Sheriff's Office Posts Photo of Attempted Carjacking Suspect

A mouse popped up on the hood of an Alameda County Sheriff's Deputy's car, shocking the driver and giving the internet something too 'ooh' and 'ahh' over. 

Deputy Brandon Dennington posted the photo to the Alameda County Sheriff's Office Facebook Page on Sunday in an effort to warn and other would-be carjackers from trying to steal his car. 

We are not sure if this was an attempted car jacking but this little mouse popped up on the windshield of Deputy Brandon Dennington’s K9 vehicle. Deputy Dennington was headed to his work assignment at the Golden State Warriors game. Further investigation revealed the suspect was likely a San Antonio Spurs fan trying to intimidate us. Deputy Dennington was able to use de-escalation techniques and get the rabid fan off his car. Luckily, he was able to snap this photo of the elusive bandit. The suspect was last seen on foot running to a hiding spot. The suspect is 4 inches tall, weighing 1 ounce and wearing a grey and white fury coat. Thankfully, the Warriors won and Deputy Dennington got to the game on time.


The unwanted hitchhiker popped up on the deputy's hood as he was heading for a work assignment at the Golden State Warriors game. 

This isn't the first wild animal who's tried to take on the cops. Last year, a raccoon hurled itself onto the top of a Colorado Springs patrol car


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