Man Accidentally Records Himself Admitting He Murdered A Lawyer

David Jungerman thought he had gotten away with murder but inadvertently incriminated himself for the crime. According to Fox News, Jungerman was originally cleared as a suspect in the murder of Kansas City attorney Tom Pickert. Pickert's body was found on Jungerman's front porch and the lawyer had recently won a $5.75 million lawsuit against Jungerman for a previous incident in which the 80-year-old opened fire on Pickert and a group of three other men in 2012. 

Jungerman walked out of a hearing a few weeks after the murder thinking he was a free man who managed to get away with murder. Unfortunately for him, he forgot to turn off a recording device he was using in court. After he left court he admitted to another individual that “murdered that son of a…" referring to Pickert. He also admitted to killing Pickert to one of his employees at a baby furniture store that he owned. 

The baby furniture store owner then told an employee in March he "killed a lawyer with a gun and gotten away with it," court documents stated. "He did it because the lawyer stole his money."

Jungerman, who was already in custody due to a recent shooting incident with a man he accused of stealing iron pipes from his store, was charged with first-degree murder and armed criminal action.

Photo: Kansas City Police Department


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