Passenger Arrested After Choking Driver Who Was Singing Christmas Carols

A driver was choked by a passenger in his car because he wouldn't stop singing Christmas carols. Officials in East Deer Township, Pennsylvania say that 25-year-old Clayton Lucas was being transported from a halfway house to a treatment class when he became furious with the driver's music selection and started to attack him.

The driver managed to pull over and told police that Lucas choked him so hard that he almost lost consciousness.

A state trooper was flagged down by a person who believed the driver was suffering from a medical emergency. When the trooper arrived, he saw the two men struggling on the other side of the guard rail and realized there was not a medical emergency.

Lucas refused to listen to the officer's commands, and he had to use force to detain him. He was taken to Allegheny County Jail where he was charged with aggravated assault and other unidentified offenses.

Photo: Allegheny County Sheriff’s Office

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