Man Kills Neighbor With Crossbow While Trying To Save Him From Dog Attack

Hand holding crossbow, in the nature

Hand holding crossbow, in the nature

A Massachusetts man who was trying to protect his neighbor ended up killing him instead. Police said that 27-year-old Joshua Jadusingh was attempting to barricade himself inside his home in the town of Adams, after two adult dogs started to attack him.

Jadusingh's neighbor heard the commotion and knew he had to help. He grabbed his crossbow and fired a bolt towards the dogs. While he hit one of the dogs, the bolt kept going, went through the door, and struck Jadusingh.

“The neighbor knew right away that this must be an incident with the dogs, [and] rushed over to help," Berkshire County District Attorney Andrea Harrington said. "He could hear somebody screaming for help, saying ‘please, shoot the dogs.’ The neighbor ran back to his own apartment and got a crossbow that he uses for hunting, which he has a license for.”

When officers arrived at the scene, they were forced to "neutralize the animals." Officials said the dogs belonged to Jadusingh and his girlfriend and had a history of being aggressive.

“The information that we have is that there were two adult male pit bulls," Harrington told reporters. "One of them is named Max, one of them is named Durma. Max is known to be the more aggressive of the two. But they do have a history of aggression, and they have a history of fighting, and we have an understanding that they were kept in separate cages.”

Authorities do not plan on pressing charges against the man who fired the crossbow.

“He was actually quite good friends with his neighbor, and he knew that there was a child in the home, and it was a really, really difficult and stressful situation for him to be in, and I think he did his best under the circumstances,” Harrington said.

Photo: Getty Images