Aerial Acrobat's Wardrobe Malfunction Leaves Her In A Dangerous Situation

Circus performers and aerial acrobats almost always have safety features in place to protect them if anything goes wrong during their acts, but one nimble performer didn't have that luxury when she attempted some acrobatics at her local gym. The woman started off gracefully, moving seamlessly through a hoop that hung from a rope, but when she dropped down to dismount, her shirt and maybe even her hair got caught on the hoop, effectively strangling her.

Since she was filming her acrobatics, the entire upsetting situation was caught on camera, including her quick thinking on how to free herself, and her neck, from the dangerous circumstances she found herself in.

While she was able to allow air back in her lungs, she clearly struggled with untangling herself and getting off the hoop. Since the video ends before she comes down and there is no further information, we'll have to hope she escaped unharmed aside from a bruised ego.

It should also be a lesson to any gymnasts or circus-folk to never practice alone.

Photo: YouTube

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