Instagram Bug Allows Users To Post Really, Really Long Photos

With so many more hours spent at home because of the coronavirus pandemic, people are spending a lot more time on Instagram, which is why many users probably saw something very strange this week. While typically the biggest photo you can post on Instagram is a square pic that is 1,080 pixels by 1,080 pixels, in the past couple days, users have been putting up really, really long photos that are more than 20 times that permitted height.

So does this mean the app has changed the limits on their photo sizes? Nope. It was a bug that people caught on to and exploited. The most popular long post was a picture called "Do you love the color of the sky," which was over 22,000 pixels long and, as you might expect, as users scrolled through it, the super-long post showed the different colors of the sky.

The bug only seemed to apply to people on IOS devices and the way it worked was by either uploading a super long image, resizing pics at sites like SimpleImageResizer, or just resizing it yourself. Before long, video tutorials on how to post very tall pictures started popping up:

However, before you go turning your pics super-long, Instagram fixed the bug. Just before correcting the glitch, they released a statement that reads, "We're aware of a bug involving oversized photos on Instagram. We're working quickly to fix the issue."

Now if you try to do it you'll get an error message that says "something went wrong."

Photo: Getty Images

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