From practicing law to practicing a sweet life: Spotlight on Sweetology!

From law to leap-of-faith opening a small business. Kara Turner-Newmark, Owner & CEO of Sweetology, gave up practicing law to follow her passion of practicing sweet treats! What it took for Kara to start the now very successful Sweetology will inspire you!

Kara Turner-Newmark opened her first Sweetology in 2014 and it has risen to be a MUST go to destination and inspiration for anyone willing to try their hand at some fun and edible creating! Kara joins Judi Diamond for a chat to find out how she took a leap of faith and a big risk to try something brand new. It paid off, and Sweetology also delivers their DIY Decorating kits and goodies beyond their locations. If you've ever had a dream of pursuing your passion as a career, let Kara be an inspiration. Check out Sweetology at their website here: What to know MORE of what exactly IS Sweetology? Check out their Youtube channel below, and be sure to follow their socials @Sweetology

There's a very cool online catalogue for Sweetology for choosing your next Sweet passion you can find HERE.

And if you know of someone or ARE someone who took a "leap-of-faith" and opened a small local business, email Judi diamond: and let her know! you could be the next to get the spotlight!