For several years in the mid 90s, you may have heard Jason King on our sister station - WKEE-FM - as he was the original host of 'The 70s at 7' and 'The 80s at 8.' But one threatening phone call sent him into the FBIs witness relocation program for nearly a decade. He still cringes when someone says "I want Jason King to pay!!!" After more than a decade, he's of inch taller and a certified ballroom dancer. So why is he on the air? He curled up in the boss's chair singing "Afternoon Delight" over and over again until we gave him something. Plus, Woody gave him some Stewart's Original Hot Dogs and a case of Yoo Hoo!He grew up in: Ripley, WVHis college: Marshall UniversityHis favorite movie: Airplane!His favorite group: SurvivorAn odd fact: He was raised by poodles