The Professor's Fun Fact 12/12/18


Every able-bodied person in the town of Tsovkra, Russia, is trained to do this. 

Walk a tight rope 

The town of Tsovkra is located in the Caucasus Mountains of Russia, near the border of Georgia. The tradition of tightrope walking started about 100 years, though historians don’t agree as to why. One theory is that it was started by guys who wanted to go see their girlfriends. 

The town of about 400 people is situated high in the mountains and guys were tired of climbing the side of a cliff to see their lady friends. Instead, they strung ropes from ridge to ridge and learned to walk across them. It soon became a test of manhood. Today, even school children are taught to walk on a tightrope less than an inch thick. 

Residents are concerned though; because the town is so remote, more and more teenagers are leaving the town for better jobs in the bigger cities. It could be the extinction of the town’s most famous skill.

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